Prepaid Funerals

Can I pre pay a funeral

Yes, this can be done when pre-arranging a funeral. pre-payment to a funeral trust fund allows a future funeral to be purchased at current prices. This is an option very worthy of your consideration.

What are the advantages and benefits of a prepaid funeral plan?

  • Relieves family of financial burden-simple, sensible and practical.
  • Ease the emotional burden on your family-a chance to ‘have it your way’and realise your wishes-absolutely no extra fees or price increases-not subject to income and assets test.

What is a pre-arranged funeral

A pre-arranged funeral allows you to plan the details of a funeral in advance. These details are kept in our files and there is no need to pay until the time of the service. Personnel preferences can be planned and budgeted for and these plans can be updated at any time. You will gain peace of mind knowing that your details of the service have been carefully considered and your funeral arrangements are in place.