Funerals, burials and Cremation

Burial ServicesBurials

Burials is one option to families depending on your religion and culture or you might prefer burial over cremation, you also have the option of vault or crypt as well as burial.

For burials in Sydney, Affinity Funerals looks after everything from picking your plot to arranging the open and closing of the grave. We can organize your headstone. We give you an itemized and detailed written statement for your services. Tom and Birgitt Turner will go over every detail and personalize everything for you.

Cremation ServicesCremations

For cremations in Sydney, up to 70% of funeral services are cremation, for certain religions and cultures cremation is the prefered option.

Tom and Birgitt will talk you through all your available options. Most cremation services are held at numerous locations across Sydney. We attend the following cemeteries and crematoria.

For a full list of Cemeteries in our community, please click here.